Ep369 Mommie Dearest

May 9, 2024

This week, the gals celebrate moms with some atrocious stories. Topics include an infamous limelight-lover, Freudian perversions, and the devastating consequences of some adoptions gone very bad. Cope with motherhood with a glass of sparkling wine (NA or not), identify your attachment style, and tune in for Mommie Dearest.

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Ep368 North Carolina Crimes

May 2, 2024

This week, the gals strike out for the Tar Heel State to explore a couple of cold cases. Topics include a bizarrely frugal killer, history’s first planking pilot, and a really unlikely blackmail scheme gone wrong. Get yourself a bottle of Native Vines wine, pour a chaser of milk, and tune in for North Carolina Crimes.

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Ep367 Ozark Crimes

April 25, 2024

This week, the gals gas up their houseboat to head out to a mysterious region of the country. Topics include a small-town disappearance, the cutest bats you’ve ever seen, and a deep dive into an unsolved murder that inspired generations of anxious babysitters. Fill your mug with your favorite Montepulciano, mix in your eye water, and tune in for Ozark Crimes.

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Ep366 Lobotomy Crimes

April 18, 2024

This week, the gals get the inside scoop on a very controversial medical practice. Topics include a forgotten Kennedy, some gross sound effects, and a speed demon surgeon. Grab a glass of Tooth & Nail Stasis Aglianico, shine up your leucotome, and tune in for Lobotomy Crimes.

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Ep365 Swiftie Crimes

April 11, 2024

This week, the gals exchange friendship bracelets and chat about one very big pop star. Topics include an album devoted to a legal loophole, a Waffle House massacre, and some inside jokes shared by millions. Drop some cubes into your Sauv Blanc, insure your cat, and tune in for Swiftie Crimes.

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