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Wine & Crime is a true crime / comedy podcast. Join three childhood friends as they chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesota accents!

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Meet the Gals!


In her past life, Kenyon was a gender-based violence researcher and consultant. Which is basically a more academic way of saying she is one helluva NASTY WOMAN. Almost kicked out of a book club once for being slightly too obsessed with Ann Rule and Ted Bundy, Kenyon’s love of true crime cannot be tamed. You will often find her enjoying a glass of pinotage, bingeing on podcasts, and insisting “the husband did it.”


Lucy was going to get a degree in Mortuary Science before she realized she was not good at math, so she majored in English instead and has worked as an editor at a number of food magazines. (Let that one sink in for a minute.) Her fascination with all things morbid probably scared off a few potential friends over the years, but she DGAF and prefers to be alone with her cats anyway. Her hobbies include collaging, vodka, and drifting off to the sweet sounds of Forensic Files.


Amanda is a veteran of the hospitality industry, and as such, has contemplated committing murder many, many times. Among her few talents is a knack for writing, comedy, and performance. Wine & Crime is an opportunity to combine those skills with several of her passions, including, but not limited to: booze, true crime, plotting the demise of obnoxious people, and, of course, laying on a too-thick Minnesota accent.


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