Ep300 Unholy Trinity

December 15, 2022

This week, the gals celebrate their 300th episode with some exceptionally dark cases. Topics include the appeal of the rule of thirds, a trio with a viciously violent leader, and a phony necromancer with a taste for blood. Pop open a celebratory bottle of The Gals Rosé, do not pick up that radio, and tune in for Unholy Trinity.

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Ep299 FIFA Crimes

December 8, 2022

This week, the gals flag some fumbles when it comes to the world’s biggest sports organization. Topics include deadly stadium construction, a scrupulous scalping scheme, and some telltale Trump Tower tenants. Reach for a can of hard Mountain Dew (if you dare), support your local soccer teams, and tune in for FIFA Crimes.

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(BONUS EP) Cop-on-Cop Crimes

December 5, 2022

This month, the gals investigate a couple of cases where “blue lives” turn on their own kind. Topics include a police predator who traveled thousands of miles to assault a child, a drunken hotel room kerfuffle, and one incredibly bungled manhunt. Pour yourself a dainty glass of eggnog, reconsider that industry conference, and tune in for Cop-on-Cop Crimes.

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Ep298 Rikers Island Crimes

December 1, 2022

This week, the gals cross over to an island that you do not want to find yourself on. Topics include a tragic injustice over a backpack, some surprising clerical errors, and the depth of officer corruption. Snag a bottle of Scott Peterson’s Rumpus Chaos Red Blend, appreciate your freedom, and tune in for Rikers Island Crimes.

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Ep297 Best Of: States

November 24, 2022

This week, the gals take a look back at some of their favorite moments from site-specific episodes. Topics include the dark truth about bathtubs, how to speak Pennsylvanian, and a whole bunch of tight-lipped weed farmers. Pour yourself a glass of whatever you can find, seriously question your flag, and tune in for Best Of: States.

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