Winc Wine Pairings

Want to drink along with us Wine & Crime gals? Check out our wine / crime pairings from sponsor Winc! Plus, get $20 off your first order and show your support for the show by using our promo code GALS at checkout!



SEPT / OCT 2021

Trés Chic Rosé (2018 France)
Cowtown® White Wine Blend (2018 California)
Sister Snake Syrah (2020 South Africa)
Cocomero Rosé (2020 California)


JUN / JUL 2021

Invoke Sauvignon Blanc (2019 California)
Honey Beast Chardonnay (2018 California)
Loves Me Not Red Blend (2019 California)
Akoya® Chardonnay (2018 California)


APR / MAY 2021

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sauvignon Blanc (2019 California)
Wall of Sound Red Blend (2019 California)
Invoke Cabernet Franc (2019 California)


FEB / MAR 2021

Mercana Malbec (2019 Argentina)
Pacificana® Cabernet Sauvignon (2019 California)
L’Atelier du Sud® Viognier (2019 France)
Restless Earth Syrah (2019 California)
Golden Child Cider (California)



DEC 2020 / JAN 2021

Prismus® Pinot Grigio (2019 Italy)
Pacificana® Cabernet Sauvignon (2019 California)
Rabble Rosé (2018 California)
Wall of Sound Red Blend (2018 California)