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One thought on “The Wine & Crime Gals on Cameo!

  1. I tell my family you are my new friends. I dislike most people and don’t like to go anywhere. I got turned on to podcasts late in 2019 by my oldest daughter’s comedian boyfriend. I started with small town murder and timesuck and eventually found you. All of you have gotten me through many hard 12 hour days in a hot factory. I didn’t think I had a patron phone, but my youngest daughter(who just turned 20) made that voodoo happen. I am 62 with a strong Norwegian background. My grandmother came over on a boat at 17 with a dawn sack lunch. She was sponsored by a man in north Dakota whose wife had died and had a bunch of kids. (Endentured servant in any race is not cool). She had a sister in Minnesota. When you say oofdah it reminds me of my Dad, who passed 22yrs ago. So thank you all for what you do. I may have misunderstood the assignment. Since you all put yourselves out there to the crazy public, I am positive you have gotten a lot of gifts. I have a new hobby. Tails and feet(animal of course). Lucy, what is the creepiest gift you have received so far? I’m also getting really into preserving bones. Animal of course. Thank you, Reta

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