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This week, the gals get paranoid exploring the many ways strangers can watch you, even in the privacy of your own home (or Porta Potty). Topics include the perks of porn, lawyering loopholes for perverts, and one real shithead poopy offender. Twist open a box of Naked Grape Merlot, close the blinds, and enjoy some twisted tales of Peeping Toms!

3 thoughts on “Ep4 Peeping Toms OUT NOW!

  1. I’m pretty late to the game but I’m loving your podcasts. Maybe y’all revisited this topic later, I’m still catching up, but I was trying to find out more about how stupid Georgia was with their “upskirt law” and came across this article: http://www.wtoc.com/story/35374035/gov-deal-signs-upskirt-photo-law

    They did change the law but the council woman referred to in this article was upskirted by a fellow councilman and he, in turn, shared it with the mayor, who said nothing to her! WTF?

  2. Hi I Start your podcast today (causse a finish Crimes Junkies and Spotify said i will love yours And I Do love yours) It’s hillarious and i love the fact that i’m not the only Lady to get Drunk will a listent or talk about Crimes Tanks for your work and your 100fuckin EP who will kill my Data. Smak^^

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