Ep13 Angels of Death Part 1 (ft Dr. Nandi) OUT NOW!

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Ep13 Angels of Death Part 1 (ft Dr. Nandi) is OUT NOW! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or a number of other podcasting apps. Or check us out directly on our Listen page!

This week, the gals are joined by Dr. Partha Nandi, MD (Verified Non-Murderer & Health Hero) to chat Angels of Death (aka Doctors Who Kill). And bonus! This topic is going to be a Two-Parter! Part 1 dissects the difference between what some might consider “an act of mercy” and straight-up homicide, a line that seemed prrrretty blurry pre-WWII. Dr. Nandi also answers some (supes inapprope) fan questions, and we get a glimpse of The Good Doctor from Detroit’s musical tastes.

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