Ep11 Psychotic Breaks OUT NOW!

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Ep11 Psychotic Breaks is OUT NOW! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or a number of other podcasting apps. Or check us out directly on our Listen page!

This week, the gals break down what’s behind a psychotic break. Topics include a synthetic-pot-head, a pathetic virgin with a god complex, and a dangerous big brother (with great eyebrows). This week’s episode is paired with the budget-friendly Twisted Old Vine Zinfandel, so break a ten to buy a bottle, and wash it all down with some antipsychotic meds!

One thought on “Ep11 Psychotic Breaks OUT NOW!

  1. So I literally just (drunk) stumbled upon your podcast and I LOVE IT! I started at the first episode, and I’m not finding the referenced photos on the blog?? I work in a state psychiatric hospital so I i particularly enjoyed this episode. And I really want to see “Father C” and his creepy beard, and some of the other pics.. maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?? Thanks for the education and the laughs!

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