(BONUS EP) Poetry Crimes

April 11, 2022

This month, the gals get out their quills and ink to wax about a very important cornerstone of human language. Topics include psychological benefits, a creepy post-mortem manifesto, and one extraordinarily egotistical murderer. Grab a bottle of Winc’s Lost Poet Rosé, get yourself a Moleskin, and tune in for Poetry Crimes.

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Ep264 New Age Crimes

April 7, 2022

This week, the gals charge their crystals and chat about some metaphysical mishaps. Topics include a most egregious theft, plastic shamans, and what’s actually up with Aquarius. Pop open a fresh bottle of Winc’s Altre Mon Grenache Blanc, set your intentions, and tune in for New Age Crimes.

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Ep263 Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

March 31, 2022

This week, the gals delve into a weird region rife with disappearances. Topics include toxic underwater bubbles, a literal ghost ship, and the stinkiest ship on this side of the Atlantic. Pop open a bottle of Winc’s Summer Water Bubbly Rosé, update your captain’s log, and tune in for Bermuda Triangle Mysteries.

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Ep262 New Mexico Crimes

March 24, 2022

This week, the gals visit the Southwest to explore a couple of mysterious murders. Topics include shape-shifting lizard people, a nightmare bathtub crime scene, and one very large pistachio. Get your hands on a bottle of Winc’s Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir, ride those rumble strips, and tune in for New Mexico Crimes.

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Ep39 Gossip at the Corpse Cart

March 21, 2022

This month’s GACC features a hairy tongue, a serious spray-foam malfunction, some wedding revenge, a repressed memory that should’ve stayed repressed, bad leftovers, and a “Marvelous” obit. Tune in for Gossip at the Corpse Cart!

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