Ep355 Reality Star Crimes

February 1, 2024

This week, the gals bask in their love of reality TV and chat about the uglier side of the business. Topics include tips on how to land a starring role, a terrifying “school” in Utah, and a ridiculously public feud between two opposites. Mix up a classic Jameson and Coke, pair it with a dozen Victorian sponge cakes, and tune in for Reality Star Crimes.

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Ep354 Almost Getting Away With Murder: Case Updates!

January 25, 2024

This week, the gals give updates on some skeevy murderers who finally got their just desserts. Topics include a scary secret in Yellowstone, an amputee parolee, and a kidnapper who finally got caught after 13 years. Stir up a glass of the Jinx Cocktail (or don’t, honestly), wait for jury selection, and tune in for Almost Getting Away with Murder: Case Updates!

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Ep353 Leave It To Cleavers (Cleveland LIVE!)

January 18, 2024

This week, the gals hack open some gruesome stories for a special supper club crowd. Topics include a juggalo icon, several brutal headwounds, and some down-home roadside BBQ. Carve open a bottle of Innocent Bystander Sauvignon Blanc, don’t go under that bridge, and tune in for Leave It to Cleavers (Live from Cleveland)!

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Ep352 Mardi Gras Crimes (New Orleans LIVE!)

January 11, 2024

This week, the gals pack their beads for Bourbon Street to chat about some Fat Tuesday shenanigans. Topics include Saturnalia (the OG Spring Break), an errant brick, and terrifying “Mardi Gra Experiences.” Throw some mini bottles of Sutter Home Pinot Grigio in your purse, don’t choke on a tiny Jesus, and tune in for Mardi Gras Crimes (Live from New Orleans)!

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