Ep334 Shocking Autopsies

August 24, 2023

This week, the gals dig into the dirty details of post-mortem examinations. Topics include unnecessary taste tests, a phantom spleen, a cheesy travesty, and some Hollywood deaths. Give a toast with a gin gimlet, practice your baseball stitch, and tune in for Shocking Autopsies.

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Ep56 Gossip at the Corpse Cart

August 21, 2023

This month’s GACC features pig butts, “sun bears,” some very dirty jewelry, an HR visit, a bridal shower misunderstanding, breast milk revenge, a macabre fanny pack, skippity paps, and some tips for writing a good obit. Tune in now for August’s Gossip at the Corpse Cart!

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Ep333 Wind Crimes (LIVE from Thalia Hall)

August 17, 2023

This week, the gals blow into the Windy City to break down various traumas from an unexpected source. Topics include a kite-driven massacre, Midwesterners’ favorite pastime, and some serious turbine trouble. Get yourself a Dirty Living cocktail, dust off your mom’s copy of Kite Runner, and tune in for Wind Crimes (LIVE from Thalia Hall).

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Ep332 Forensic Toxicology

August 10, 2023

This week, the gals slice into a couple of poisonings that left a trail. Topics include acid in your hair, fatal teas, and the pitfalls of being not suspicious enough. Pour yourself a glass of PoiZin Brut Rosé (don’t let anyone else do it for you), take a soil sample, and tune in for Forensic Toxicology.

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(BONUS EP) Bad Babysitters

August 7, 2023

This month, the gals examine some sketchy stories about non-parental supervision. Topics include the call that came from inside the house, a real Basement Boy, and one very violent family friend. Pour a large glass of Super Nanny Pinot Noir, leave the porch light on, and tune in for Bad Babysitters.

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