Ep65 Faked Abductions

May 2, 2018

This week, the gals discuss the various reasons and ways one might fake their own kidnapping. Cases include a model with an oddly specific thing for socks, a bad decision in the form of a Facebook post, and a prank show gone horribly wrong. This episode is paired with Otis Kenyon Roussanne, so untie your shackles, pop one open, schedule some alone time, and tune in for Faked Abductions.

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(BONUS EP) ATWWD Crossover

May 1, 2018

The gals are joined by Christine & Em of And That’s Why We Drink podcast to chat wine-related crimes in this special bonus ep! Paired with Michael David Freakshow Cabernet, topics include Em’s past persona, brilliant bathtub hooch, plus a Minnesota murderer with California dreams. Pop a bottle (or slurp a shake) and enjoy! (PS And when you’re done with this Part 1 Crossover Ep, remember to go check out Part 2 released by ATWWD)

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Ep64 Brute Strength Murders

April 26, 2018

This week, the gals flex their muscles to discuss some major feats of strength. Topics include a rekindled high school romance that ends in tragedy, a badass nurse who does not have time for your sh*t, and something about Tom Hardy (who really cares what it was). Pick up a bottle of Rodney Strong Cabernet, pump some iron, do NOT drink the scorpion, and tune in for Brute Strength Murders.

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Ep63 Unbelievable Acquittals

April 19, 2018

This week, the gals drop their jaws at some of the most ridiculous acquittals in history. Topics include a not-so-mysterious insulin overdose, yet another killer cop, and courtroom racism. Pop open a bottle of Winc’s Matchlock Cabernet, consult an attorney, demand a toxicology report, and tune in for Unbelievable Acquittals.

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Ep62 Drug Deals Gone Bad

April 12, 2018

This week, the gals sniff out some cases involving illicit drugs and the many ways they’ll screw you over. Topics include a global opium squabble, a young entrepreneur with a straightforward sales pitch, and a man with a lot more to offer in his (ahem) southern head than his northern one. Score a bottle of Winc’s Dime Red Blend, make sure the safety’s on, don’t answer the door, and tune in for Drug Deals Gone Bad.

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