Ep96 Isotope Analysis is OUT NOW!

Ep96 Isotope Analysis is out now!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Overcast FM, Podbean, plus a number of other podcatcher apps!

This week, the gals put on their goggles and dive into (and over their heads in) some chemistry sh*t. Topics include questionable boxes of bones, a Jane Doe who’s impacted an entire town, and a convoluted analogy involving cats in wigs. Pop a bottle of Winc’s Baseline Syrah, seriously consider what you’re feeding your bones, and tune in for Isotope Analysis.

4 thoughts on “Ep96 Isotope Analysis is OUT NOW!

  1. I inow this aired quite a while ago, but I’m listening to all the episodes from 1 all the way though. Anyway, I love that you pronounced Versailles the proper way. As a born and raised Missourian, we are taught to say it as Ver-sales. I’m not even joking. We have a town in the state spelled like the state Nevada, but is pronounced Naveda. So anyway, now you know. 🙂

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