Ep61 Hometown Gory is OUT NOW!

Ep61 Hometown Gory WW

Ep61 Hometown Gory is out now!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Overcast FM, Podbean, plus a number of other podcatcher apps!

This week, the gals return to their hometowns to investigate some sh*t that went down a little too close to home. Topics include a family man turned cold-blooded murderer, an  ex-landlord with a grudge, and a domestic dispute that was a little overkill (literally). Pop open a bottle of Winc‘s fruity Ville Basse Merlot, tell your parents you’re coming home for the weekend, consider investing in an elevator, be nice to your office manager, and tune in for Hometown Gory.

One thought on “Ep61 Hometown Gory is OUT NOW!

  1. (Minnesotan Accent) I’m a new listener to you fine gals; what a hoot you all are! I’ve been in stiches listening to this poddy casteroni over the pandemic. I’m currently listening to episode 62 (Hometown Gory); so only a shitload of episodes to go! (Normal voice) You all really hit the mark for me. During a hellish past 1.5 years of pandemic and lockdown you have been a ridiculous, fun, morally deplorable source of solace. I cannot thank you enough for giving me an outlet to listen to heinous shit and making it okay to laugh, because quite frankly any of your subjects, sans the wit would have me in a corner in fetal position. You are all such strong women and can call a spade a spade. Our lives are messy, the world is a shit show and waking up in the morning is a blessing and a challenge; sometimes it’s not a bad thing to sit back and just laugh at all the fucked-upness we see and live. Please keep doing what you’re doing and bringing an air of relief to the toxicity we can’t escape. Love to you all, QUEENS!! (PS, kind of drunk sending this, whoops)

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