Ep50 Crimes Solved by Psychics is OUT NOW!

Ep50 Psychics WW

Ep50 Crimes Solved by Psychics is OUT NOW!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast FM, Podbean, SoundCloud, plus a number of other podcatcher apps!

This week, the gals explore the paranormal and how investigators can channel it. Topics include a Dutch Miracle Max, a pointy-faced derelict, and some frighteningly specific sets of numbers, plus intuitive consultant Charles Tiemann shares his story. Order a bottle of Winc‘s Diviner Sauvignon Blanc, shuffle your tarot cards, burn some sage, and tune in for Crimes Solved by Psychics.

3 thoughts on “Ep50 Crimes Solved by Psychics is OUT NOW!

  1. Brand new listener here! I loved this episode! Question I haven’t been able to figure out the answer to yet… is one of you in South Africa? Do you record separately? So many questions!! I’m binging all your episodes now – so glad I found you ladies!

  2. I just scheduled a reading with Charels. He was surprised it came from your podcast. I’ve only recently discovered you though so YAY! Thanks ladies ?

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