Ep49 Cold Cases is OUT NOW!


Ep49 Cold Cases WW

Ep49 Cold Cases is OUT NOW!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast FM, Podbean, SoundCloud, plus a number of other podcatcher apps!

This week, the gals investigate some unsolved murders. Topics include a set of mysterious codes, a bunch of Italian grocers, and an unsettling evening of jazz. Special guest Lieutenant Tommy Potter joins the show to discuss Investigation Discovery’s new season of “Killing Fields: Murder Isle,” as well as his experiences investigating old unsolved crimes. Pour yourself a nice cold glass of Cloud Break Sauvignon Blanc, make sure you’re seen in public, check in with your weed dealer, and tune in for Cold Cases.

2 thoughts on “Ep49 Cold Cases is OUT NOW!

  1. Have you ladies taken down some of the articles once posted to the blog? I am just starting the podcast this year. When I am listening I like to reference the blog. This episode I couldn’t seem to see the letter written and would love to keep up as best as possible.

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