Ep28 Cannibalism is OUT NOW!

Ep28 Cannibalism WW

Ep28 Cannibalism is OUT NOW!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or a number of other podcasting apps. Or check us out directly on our Listen page!

The gals discuss the meaty issue of Cannibalism in this week’s episode. Topics include crabby spiders, a horror show in a Czech basement, and a seriously hungry Frenchman. This episode is paired with a nice chianti – Ruffino Chianti Riserva. Pick up a bottle, check on your cat, consider vegetarianism, and dig in.

3 thoughts on “Ep28 Cannibalism is OUT NOW!

  1. Did you know season 2 of Scream Queens (fkn love that show!!!! season 1 mostly but still) Is all about Kuru!? I was flabbergasted when you mentioned it on the show because I had it in mind the whole time I was listening!
    FYI, I’m binge listening to all your episodes right now, I think I listened the the 28 first episodes in the span of a week, it’s great, I wish my best friends were into drinking wine and talking about true crime every week, I’d be livin my best life. Love your show and your transparency! it’s refreshing! and Also, Fuck patriarchy! at least my best friends love to rent about this whiles drinking wine so I got that going on for me. It’s fucking everywhere, and there are theories that say toxic masculinity (that sounds like a great episode…) cause men to ‘Kill people in the streets’ as we like to say it.

    1. As I listen to the whole episode, I see a bunch of your references in season 2 of scream queens, including the coughing of a hairball, it’s insane

  2. Just recently started listening to you guys and I absolutely love your podcast. Just wanted to let you know that your first story about Barbara Skrlova, is actually what the movie The Orphan was based off of.
    You three are amazing and I love listening to your show, I can’t wait to finally catch up and start listening as you release new ones, y’all seriously crack me up.

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