Ep18 Axe Murders OUT NOW!

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Ep18 Axe Murders is OUT NOW!! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or a number of other podcasting apps. Or check us out directly on our Listen page!

This week, the gals swap stories about real-life axe murders. Cases include an ultra-violent and still unsolved incident in rural Iowa, a paranoid sea captain and his ill-fated crew, and a truly bizarre attempted-homicide-turned-morning-ritual (which also happens to be the genesis for this podcast). The topic is paired with Tinedo Cala N.1 Tempranillo blend, so pour a glass, lock the shed, activate your home security system, and settle in for Axe Murders.

One thought on “Ep18 Axe Murders OUT NOW!

  1. Hi guys 🙂
    Love the podcast.
    I’m listening to your latest episode and have an insight into the covered mirrors. I am originally from the Balkans and this is a custom that we have after someone passes away. We love our spooky beliefs and superstitions in Eastern Europe (such as vampires and evil spirits.) After a quick search I found this as an explanation:

    ” all types of evil spirits and demons come to visit a family in mourning. When a soul leaves this world, it leaves a void, an emptiness that is prone to be filled by dark forces. This is because wherever there is a vacuum, negativity can creep in. And so the house of mourning, the place where the loss is felt the most, is a magnet for evil spirits.

    These demons cannot be seen by the naked eye. But when looking in a mirror, you may catch a glimpse of their reflection in the background. And so we cover the mirrors in a house of mourning because we don’t want to be alarmed by seeing these demonic visitors.”

    This was just the first website I found that came close to explaining the custom/reason.

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