Ep146 Australian Serial Killers is OUT NOW!

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This week, the gals head back to the land down undaah to risk their lives exploring the many, many, many, many dangers of the outback. Topics include a chaotic spree of violence, a man with a disturbing proclivity for camping, and octopus mouths. Douse your stings with Winc’s Summer Water Bubbly Rosé, place your bid for New Zealand, and tune in for Australian Serial Killers.

4 thoughts on “Ep146 Australian Serial Killers is OUT NOW!

  1. Hello. Just wondering what happened to the Australian Serial Killers episode? I think it was episode 146. It isn’t showing on Spotify anymore 🙁

    1. For some reason, that one isn’t working on Spotify. Try streaming from our site or a different podcatcher app!

    1. We recently re-uploaded this episode, so it should now be available. If you have any issues listening, let us know!

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