Ep13 Gossip at the Corpse Cart is OUT NOW!

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This month’s Gossip at the Corpse Cart brings you the most Boston crime ever, an accidental crime scene cleanup, a sexy toothbrush, and some mysteriously macabre baby helmets.

2 thoughts on “Ep13 Gossip at the Corpse Cart is OUT NOW!

  1. YES!!! Thanks for covering the Tooele, UT case of the man found in the freezer with the notarized letter. I live in Salt Lake City, UT and this story was so bizarre when first announced but once the full story was released, it made so much more sense. And I agree with you…this was a happy ending. Anywhooooo, the correct pronunciation of Tooele, believe it or not, is TOO-ill-uh. Weird…I know. Have a great one ladies!

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