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(BONUS EP) Best Of: The Gals Misremember Sources:

Mind Eraser Cocktail:


Audio clips taken from the following episodes:

(BONUS EP) Unsuspecting Suspect

(BONUS EP) Pandemic Problems

Ep74 Hollywood Curses

Ep78 Game-Changing Evidence

Ep79 Justifiable Homicide

Ep80 Art Theft

Ep95 Campus Crimes

Ep103 Figure Skating Crimes

Ep104 Vampire Serial Killers

Ep108 Fingerprint Forensics

Ep133 Human Sacrifices

Ep165 Cabin Fever Crimes

Ep172 Cyanide Crimes

Ep174 Sailing Crimes

Ep176 Hypnosis Crimes

Ep188 Hair Crimes

Ep192 Gateway Crimes

Ep193 Crimes Solved By America’s Most Wanted

Ep195 Mom Crimes

Bonus Ep: Adoptions Gone Awry

Ep201 Twisted Timelines

Ep202 Eat The Rich

(BONUS EP) Harbor Homicides

Ep209 It Was The Sixties Crimes

Ep210 French Fatales

Ep212 Womb Raiders

Ep216 Social Worker Crimes

Ep217 Karen Crimes

Ep218 Bada$$ B*tches

Ep223 Hoosier Daddy Crimes

(BONUS EP) Criminal Curses 

Ep228 Groupie Crimes

Ep232 Bad To The Bones

Ep235 Criminal Disasters

Ep247 Forensic Psychology

Ep251 Suffragette Crimes

(BONUS EP) F*cked Up Fandom 

Ep255 Vineyard Villains 

Ep259 F*cked Up Firsts 

(BONUS EP) Comedian Crimes

Ep263 Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

(BONUS EP) Wisconsin Crimes 

(BONUS EP) Scottish Crimes 

Ep295 The Husband DIDN’T Do It

Ep296 Fast Food Crimes

Ep300 Unholy Trinity

Ep302 Doomsday Preppers